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    Serviced Apartment in Sathorn Bangkok

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Vision of Yellow Ribbon Hills

In fact, one of the biggest issues that lead Yellow Ribbon Hills, Serviced Apartment to the success as we are now, is simply because of our prime policy in doing our works we determined to provide our high standards of services to all our customers. We focus our attentions on ensuring that they, who most of them are in the executive level of their firms, should feel as they stay in their own homes. This is why there were about 10,000 customers since 1992 in which most them have previously and regularly stayed with us and wish to repeatedly use our facilities and services. It indicates that they were filled with a sense of trust and thus it becomes our pride with honor. With our strong determined mind, we worked very hard to increase the quality of our facilities and services, and we are now ready to welcome our customers who would feel safe and sound in their peaceful second homes.

History of Yellow Ribbon Hills
Serviced Apartment in Sathorn Bangkok

Opened Yellow Ribbon Court, Business Serviced Apartment(18 Units)
(Current B.S.Court, Business Serviced Apartment)
Opened Yellow Ribbon Hills, Serviced Apartment (80 Units)
Celebrated 10th Anniversary

Management Profile of Yellow Ribbon Hills

Mr. Somboon Bunyasiri, who has more than 25 years of his professional experiences in the high level of the worldwide leading airline’ management, and currently is the top management of Yellow Ribbon Hills, Serviced Apartment. His past experiences in combination with the company’s strong policy, under the direct responsibility of Ms. YUKIKO (Vice President), have made a greater success in providing the unique services to expatriates in Thailand who have selected Yellow Ribbon Hills, Serviced Apartment to be their accommodation, by aiming to make them feel toward being a Perfect Place Away From Home. Bangkok Service Apartment, Serviced Apartment,Bangkok Hotel , Sathorn Hotel , free Wi-Fi , Satorn service apartment , Naratiwas hotel , Bussiness Service Apartment , Near BTS , Nearly BTS Chongnonsi

Other Serviced Apartment under Yellow Ribbon Hills

In addition to our title Yellow Ribbon Hills, Serviced Apartment, we are also operating our other serviced apartment, namely B.S.Court Business Serviced Apartment (the original Yellow Ribbon Court, Business Service Apartment) in which we are providing the most convenience serviced apartment including providing our well-known and worldwide services in traveling to the customers with a cheap price.

B.S. Court, Business Serviced Apartment www.bscourt.com